Li Deyin  

At the age of eight, Professor Li Deyin began Tai Chi and Wushu training with his grandfather Li Yulin and Uncle Li Tianji (Lung Fei). 

Professor Li is one of the main creators of the 42 Step routine, which became the first internationally standardised Tai Chi competition routine. He also devised and choreographed the Taiji Kung Fu Fan form and lately the Xiyangmei Kung Fu Fan form.  
He has served as the Vice President of the Chinese Wushu Association for many years and also served as Chief Judge at the 11th Asian Games.  He continues to teach tai chi worldwide.

He has authored a of a number of books on tai chi.  
His instructional videos, and DVD's, have become established training references in China and the rest of the world.


   Li Tian Ji
       (1914 - 1996)

Faye's Grand uncle Li Tian Ji was one of China's foremost Tai Chi masters.
In 1956 Li Tianji was one of the main creators of the first standardised simplified 24 tai chi forms and created the 32 step tai chi sword form. He also polished the 24, 88, 48 forms and the international 42 competition forms.
Li Tian Ji graduated with honours in his training having received invaluable guidance from Grand master Li Jing Lin and Sun Lu Tang.  He lectured in martial arts at Harbin University, and became the first wushu coach in the people's republic of China. Regarded as one of the "ten best wushu masters", he is described as the father of comtemporary wushu and Taiji. Competition forms had to be previously approved by him.

He earned the title "Father of Contemporary Tai Chi" and the nickname "Lung Fei", meaning "Flying Dragon", because of his outstanding aptitude.

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