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Dan started learning Tai Chi in 1985.  After a limited exposure to Lee style, he met Peter and Lavinia Warr, in Milton Keynes and took training with them, learning the 24 Step Yang Style (open handed) and also the 32 Step Sword Yang Style.  This was followed by some training with Mrs. Men Bao in Dorset, and was introduced to a number of other styles.  After moving to Cambridge Dan's tai chi training continued with the Deyin Taijiquan Institute, adding the Taiji Kungfu Fan form, to his skills.  

Further training was taken with the Deyin Taijiquan  Institute  to  Instructor level.  Dan is registered as an Advanced Instructor with  The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.(TCUGB).

            Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB)

One of the leading Tai Chi Organisations in the UK, 
Founded in 1994 by Masters Faye (Li) and Tary Yip with the encouragement and support of Faye's father, Professor Li Deyin.   The Institute was founded with the intention to provide quality Tai Chi, Qi Gong and internal martial arts training. 
The institute has links to many highly reputable organisations, plus Tai Chi and Kung Fu masters in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA and other countries.

The Deyin Institute has a history which is backed up by an impressive lineage.  The family goes back a hundred years in their martial arts, Faye's great grand father, Grand Master Li Yu Lin started his martial art life at an early age. His teachers included famous Xing Yi Master Hao En Guan, Li Cun Yi, Xing Yi , Bagua & Taiji master, Grand master Sun Lu Tang and famous Wudang Sword Master Li jing Lin.

               Faye Li-Yip.

Faye was seven years old when she started with Shaolin Quan,  Her further study included Xing Yi, Bagua and Taiji under her father's strict coaching regime.
Apart from the invaluable tuition from her father. Faye also received guidance form her great uncle Li Tian Ji.

She has won numerous Gold and Silver medals on Taiji and sword routines in major tournaments in China.

She is also one of the highest authorities in Europe in Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi with direct lineage to the founder Grand Master Sun Lu Tang. Master Faye Yip was the first person to learn and subsequently promote the famous Taiji Kung Fu Fan.  The first fan form created by her father Professor Li Deyin.

Faye is now working closely with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain in promoting Tai Chi in the UK.  This includes making connections and networking with Tai Chi enthusiasts in China. She is one of the four members of the technical panel and sits on the executive committee of the Union as well as being the Chinese Liason officer for the Union.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tary Yip.

Tary's great grand father is one of the famous Chow Gar Praying Mantis teachers in Hong Kong.  For over 20 years,  Tary has practised and taught Southern Style Praying Mantis kung fu.

When he came under  Professor Li's strict supervision, he dedicated most of his practice and teaching to the Traditional Yang and Sun style Taiji, Xing Yi, Taiji Kung Fu Fan and Wudang Sword.

Master Tary Yip is one of the foremost instructors in Europe with  the experience and knowledge  to teach Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi and Xing Yi Quan.  He is also a specialist in Yang style Tai Chi, Taiji Kung Fu Fan.


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                    Lung Fei Tai Chi Association    
           Mrs Men X. Bao.
 Li Tian Ji. (Lung Fei), noticed the special talents shown by Mrs Men Bao when they worked in the Chinese National Sport Centre,   He convinced her to train in tai chi, and became her instructor.

Li  Deyin  teaches tai chi all over the world, including at Bao's Lung Fei Tai Chi Association, through his friendship with Men Bao.

Li Tiani and Mrs Bao.                                                                                             
Li Deyin and Mrs Bao.

Wu Kung Federation.

 Peter Warr

Peter Warr has been training in and teaching Chinese Martial Arts for nearly 40 years. Peter's Chinese father-in-law, introduced Peter to the arts. In 1980 Peter formed his own Federation, the Wu Kung Federation.

In 1988 Grand Master Chen Yuhe asked Peter to study in China with his older brothers. Grand Master Chen Yuhe accepted Peter as his disciple (his adopted son).  Peter also studied at the Shanghai Physical Education Institute, where a Judges Course was organised by the Chinese Wushu Association, under the auspices of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). After  passing all the examinations, Peter was the first European to achieve an IWUF Judge's Degree. Since then Peter has officiated at all European and World Championships.


                    Wu Kung Federation.

                                                                                                                 Lavinia Soo-Warr                                                                                                                                                                                                
Lavinia was taught martial arts from an early age by her father Chee Soo. Chee Soo formed the British Wu-Shu Association in 1958,  He passed on his knowledge of the Original Li Style Taijiquan to Lavinia.
She has also taken instruction from Grandmaster Chen Yuhe and  Professor Li Deyin.  She is a Grade A instructor in 24 step Yang Styles, 32 Sword form and 42 step  combined form.


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