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Dan is committed to teach tai chi, in a fun and friendly manner, without sacrificing the important traditions of the art
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What is QiGong?
Master Tary Yip performing 24 step Yang style

What is Tai Chi?
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                       Tai Chi instruction from

                                            Dr. Dan Downey

Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, Instructor Grade  A
                                                                                                                             Taiji Kung Fu Fan Instructor

Tai Chi Classes by an advanced Tai Chi Instructor registered with TCUGB.  Class syllabus
recognised by the International Wushu Federation.
 Tai Chi courses for beginners: 8 and 16 Step, lead to the 24 Step Yang Style. Weapons forms, 16 and 32 Step Sword Yang Style.  Taiji Kung Fu Fan course and 8 treasures Qigong classes are also available.